About us

We are a group of students from North America, including high school and university students. We love art, music, and photography. As Generation Z, we want to use our power to help refugees in war. Although our capacity is limited and war may seem far from us, we seek to stand together to help those who have the desire to survive.

Founder and Manager


Founder of Espero

📮: bruceyubj@outlook.com

–You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over.

Ashley Liu

Founder of Espero Canada

📮: yingxinliu190@gmail.com

–The best is yet to com. It is my pleasure to work with all of you

Christine Wang

Project Manager

Human Resource


–By work, all things increase and grow


Alice Yuan



–Art is not just art
See design as a cultural material


Ashely Wang

Digiatl Artist

📮: ashleywang112004@gmail.com


–Stay simple, stay naive.

Jeanne Huang


📮: jeanneh.610@gmail.com

Instagram: prichest_06

–A good artist always has something to say. 


Andrea Liu


📮: andrea.liu1002@gmail.com 

Instagram: andrealh7

Red/Xiaohongshu: andrea52000

–Follow the light and fly up to you, it shines brighter.

Angela Cai


📮: mtangelacaicai@gmail.com 

–Flowers bowed at me when I passed by.


Lich Wang

Software Engineer

Website manager

Instagram: Lichhhh_

–Do not go gentle into that good night.

Catherine Zhang

Software Engineer

📮: 22catzhang@gmail.com

Instagram: catzzzzz22

–The optimist sees the doughnut, the pessimist sees the hole.