Get Involved!

Who are we looking for?

Artist: Passionate and good at drawing, with an excellent drawing skills and independent works

Coder: Good at computer programming, can use basic python and java

Composer: Decent music foundation, independent arrangement works, no limitation of music style

Photographer: Have the ability to utilize photography techniques such as lighting and composition to take high quality photos

(Art/Music/Photo theme : war; peace; love; refugees etc.)

What can we offer?

  • Proof of volunteer work letter
  • Proof of participation
  • Display your work on our official website with your profile, your contact information can also be displayed if you request
  • Other materials can be provided depending on situation, if you have specific requirement, contact us and ask for it

How to apply?

Send email to 1wangchr@hdsb.ca

The Email should include:

  • Your name
  • Contact information
  • Position interested (Artist, Coder, Composer, Photographer)
  • Artist/Composer/Photographer: Hand in your portfolio, such as previous art pieces, photographs or music demo
  • Coder: Summarize what you know about computer programming

Our member will contact you within one business day, if you met our requirements then our team will reach out to you.

Looking forward to your participation!